Spiritual Mind Training

Dedicated to the advanced non-dual teachings of A Course in Miracles, Spiritual Mind Training and practical application of ACIM

This website is a portal to our Teacher of Teachers media library, a study aid for anyone who wishes to practically apply the teachings of ACIM. If you want to know how to be happy, you've come to the right place! Our library contains over forty-five hours of David Hoffmeister's audio MP3's and nearly 250 pages of written material.

Also, if you would like to enjoy this deep trilogy of conversations in print format it is now available fully transcribed, edited, compiled, and available to order as a 528-page book: Unwind Your Mind ~ Back to God: Experiencing A Course in Miracles by David Hoffmeister

A Course in Miracles is a Course in mind training and the purpose of our media library is to:

  • facilitate spiritual mind training, and
  • go from theory to practical application and ultimately live the Experience that ACIM points to.
Spiritual Mind Training

 Non-dual Resources for Students & Teachers

Unlearning the world

This section covers many concepts for unlearning the world, particularly the middle and later metaphors used by the Course. This is the stage of learning where egoic assumptions, beliefs and distortions are brought more clearly into awareness. A solid understanding of the ACIM metaphysics is the key to moving into the final stage of learning to unlearn the world; the transfer of training.

Transfer of Training

This section covers the most advanced ideas from the Course on cause and effect, transfer of training, the subject / object split, relationship and many other topics, focusing on the transfer of training. A solid understanding of the most advanced metaphors of ACIM combined with a willingness to transfer those ideas to one's life without exception has only one result; a clear mind and consistent happiness. 

Laying the Foundation

This set of materials is laying the foundation for awakening and covers the most basic and most fundamental ideas that are presented in the non-dual teaching A Course in Miracles as well as some items about the Course itself. Some first questions and issues that are raised by those who find the Course are answered here in one form or another. Many early and middle metaphors and metaphysics are introduced and explored.