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Awakening Mind

Awakening Mind is a foundation dedicated to Enlightenment. Forgiveness dissolves illusion and restores a state of mind that delights in experiencing the present moment! 


Enlightenment is a free gift and so are all the ideas available to use in accepting it.

What Is Awakening Mind?

The Foundation for the Awakening Mind (or Awakening Mind) is about Awakening to the truth of who we are. It is a collaborative venture of undoing the ego and learning to live a life that is truly inspired by A Course in Miracles.

Every moment is a gift; an invitation to extend the Love that we are and to forgive what is blocking the awareness of our true Identity.

How Do We Live?

Spiritual community has nothing to do with specificity in form; it isn’t about including or recruiting people, or growing and expanding. It is a ministry in mind—a state of mind of total peace, Love, and constant happiness. That is what Awakening Mind extends and shares.

Living A Course in Miracles in spiritual community, like all symbols, can be allowed to be used in the most helpful way for the whole. Awakening is not individual or personal; Awakening is of the whole, of the one mind waking up and getting in touch with everything it believes so it can be released. In order for us to accept the truth of who we are and receive the gift that God wants us to have and be—true happiness—we have to allow the flow of Spirit to wash us of everything that is not Love.

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It is a ministry in mind—a state of mind of total peace, Love, and constant happiness.

Spiritual Practice

Through the guidance of the Holy Spirit we received certain guidelines for spiritual practice. These are the guidelines according to which we live and practice every day for going deeper.

Spiritual practice is the key to Awakening. As the Course says, "An untrained mind can accomplish nothing" (W-in.1) and thus is it necessary to dedicate ourselves to mind training and change our thinking. We practice with vigilance for right-minded thinking—thinking with the Spirit.

Peace of mind is our one goal.

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"We live by two guidelines: no people-pleasing and no private thoughts. When you experience the latter then the former becomes obvious as well. Thus there is a necessity for practice and practice and more practice until the need for practice has dissolved into continuous experience." 

– David Hoffmeister

No People-Pleasing, No Private Thoughts

Are you curious to find out more about these guidelines: no people-pleasing and no private thoughts? What would be better than witnessing a practical example or demonstration that will take you into an experience.

Take Me Home is a transformational documentary produced by the Foundation for the Awakening Mind that will take you on such a journey as it follows a group of dedicated ACIM students. The film is a full healing experience about the awakening journey through trust, transparency, and relationships. It is offered in the format of a movie package featuring recordings from teaching sessions with David Hoffmeister and Frances Xu (the director). The recordings provide a full context as it lays the foundation to support you through a transformation within.

Frances Xu behind camera filming documentary "Take Me Home"

"​ I am deeply grateful for the profound understandings offered by David and the transparency that was shared. Witnessing examples you all offered, demonstrating what happens when following guidance 100% of the time, has inspired me to commit to doing the same."

– Testimonial from Kathaleen

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